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World Press Freedom day

04 5-р сар 2017
651 удаа үзсэн
The United Nations General Assembly declared May 3 to be World Press…

Wrong actions of citizen cause fires

14 10-р сар 2016
1007 удаа үзсэн
Emergency Department of Orkhon province is organizing disaster preventive works step-by-step. Although…

International Day for Disaster Reduction

14 10-р сар 2016
787 удаа үзсэн
The International Day for Disaster Reduction began in 1989, after a call…

133 civilian has been engaged in fuel and coal price discount.

14 10-р сар 2016
1503 удаа үзсэн
According to Law on Social Care, elderly people with no guardian, civilian…
     Erdenet Mining Corporation workers have successfully completed the planned work of…

Local election is going to be held on the 19october

12 10-р сар 2016
650 удаа үзсэн
According to decision of state registration and intellectual property department, certified workers…

Law makers gave advice for citizen

12 10-р сар 2016
648 удаа үзсэн
     Attorneys council of Orkhon provice organized open days in partnership with…

Erdenet mining corporation's workers planted trees

12 10-р сар 2016
1239 удаа үзсэн
It is time to plant trees together popularly. On the basis of…


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